#5: Counting Down to the Christmas Party

The half-week before Christmas flew by and was jam packed in school activities! Monday involved a lot of walking around classrooms and handing out sweets to students from all classes, starting from kids in secondary years, moving through the younger primary, and up to my bigger primary kids (4, 5 and 6). Each classroom had its own take on decorations, music and a huge buffet of food, which we were all invited to try. Some classes had even blacked out their windows and created rave dens! We were also invited to partake in some of the games the students were playing, such as bingo and passing elastic bands via a toothpick in your mouth (which I’m fairly sure gets played on 18-30 holidays!) We left stuffed full of junk food and hyper from too much fruit juice and blue slushies.

Me & Two Of My Favourites!
Two Cuties Playing The Toothpick Game


Where Monday had been spent in the classrooms, Tuesday 23rd was celebrated outside in the sunshine, where classes had set up stalls of games to play (such as even more bingo) as well as beauty pageants, a “Mr. & Mrs. ACN”, bouncy castles and slides. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more out of the little and the big kids… This was the last day in school for the kids and the atmosphere was amazing. I’ve never seen a school throw so much into celebrations as they do at Assumption!


It may have been the last day of school for the kids, but I still found myself in the office on Christmas Eve to finish marking exams after being told at 3pm the previous day that they had to be ready for the first day back. (NB: when it comes to teaching abroad don’t assume anything, Thailand is especially renowned for changing the dates and days of deadlines and the like, meaning you could very well end up giving up your free time to meet a shorter deadline – like we did!)

The week-long celebration started that evening at Assumption College’s Christmas party. There was an endless stream of food (most of which was using fish), glorified karaoke performances, and dancing, including our very own “Foreign teacher” dance to well known themes, such as Mariah Carey’s Christmas classic “All I Want For Christmas is You” and “Time of My Life” from Dirty Dancing. Our efforts were appreciated and we all received a clock in the shape of a fruit (mine is a yellow apple.) Even Santa showed his face throughout the evening! What a way to kick off the holidays.

Thai Mr & Mrs Claus
Thai Mr & Mrs Claus
Scrubbin' Up Well: the foreign teacher dance group
Scrubbin’ Up Well: the foreign teacher dance group

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